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Hip dysplasia
Elbow dysplasia
Osteochondrosis dessicans-OCD
Traumatic injuries and fractures
Secondary Trigger points in the muscles

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Neck Problems

Intervertebral discs in cervical region
Wobblers syndrome
Malformations of neck vertebrae
Secondary pain due to front leg problems

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Back Problems

Intervertebral disc disease in thoracic or lumbar spine
Sacro-iliac pain
Cauda equina
Fibro cartilagenous infarct (FCE)
Secondary pain due to limb arthritis
Paralysis and wobbliness (paresis)

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Geriatric care

Support for kidney failure
Arthritic joints
Stiffness when getting up
Chronic disease management
Appetite stimulation and general wellbeing

S/W Ver: 85.99.A1P

Degenerative Myelopathy

Especially in German Shepherds, Corgies, Rhodesian Ridgebacks and crosses
Progressive spinal cord damage
Leads to weakness in back legs, wobbly drunken gait and damage to feet, nails and paws
Advanced stage: inability to get up and problems with urination and defaecation


Neurological Disease

Epilepsy, fitting, full and partial seizures
Dementia and old age problems
Palsy and paralysis syndromes
Neuropathic pain and nerve pinching

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Tendon and ligament strains
Shoulder lameness from biceps tendonitis in agility dogs
Partial cruciate ligament strains
In Athletic, working and agility dogs
Dogs doing repetitive things such as jumping down from retaining walls, chasing balls and sticks etc


Post Surgical Rehabilitation

Usually started when stitches are removed, around 2 weeks after surgery
Minimize scar formation
Minimize muscle wasting
Helps in return to normal function
Minimize stress on other limbs and back/neck
Minimize arthritis and joint degeneration
E.g. after cruciate ligament surgery to minimize stress on the opposite cruciate ligament and knee joint
Treatment of Trigger points

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Lick granulomas and scars


Urinary Tract Disease

Urinary incontinence
Support for kidney failure
Inability to urinate due to nerve damage

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Gastro-intestinal disease

To stimulate the appetite in sick animals
Diarrhoea or constipation
Normalize bowel motility and continence

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Skin Disease

Dietary management and supplements

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Cancer Support

As an adjunct to chemotherapy and radiation, improves wellbeing and decreases side effects
Used when owners elect not to use chemotherapy etc, to manage the animal’s wellbeing and comfort
Provides pain relief
Helps with nausea

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