Dr Esther is treating my 17 year old terrier cross for painful arthritis. She’s made such an incredible difference to his quality of life, that I could barely believe my eyes. She’s given me so many helpful hints to improve his well being. If you have a pet with some physical ailments I highly recommend calling her and asking if she can help because she’ll be very honest about her capabilities — K.T.

We had Esther treat our old Golden Retriever a few years ago for her arthritis and what a difference! Before a treatment she couldn’t get up or down our stairs, after treatment she could, a real measurable difference. She is now treating another older dog of ours and our cat too. Esther is so good with the animals, and she really knows what she is doing. I know a few people who have taken their pets to her over the years, they have all spoken highly of her, I fully recommend Esther your pets couldn’t be in better hands. –K.D.

My corgi, Linus, presented with what appeared to be the onset of an arthritic condition early in 2006.  As her mobility deteriorated, I consulted a number of vets and bombarded her with many tests.  X-rays revealed that her problems were far more severe that arthritis.  She had bad knees, disc problems, double hip dysplasia, an enlarged spleen, and possibly, degenerative myelopathy.

In the midst of uncertainty and the anxiety that all of us experience when a much-loved pet is ailing, I was so fortunate to be referred to Dr Esther Horton.  Not knowing what to expect of veterinary acupuncture, I was enormously relieved to find a knowledgeable, dedicated and compassionate professional, who made no promises of quick fixes or miracle cures.

I knew that Linus was never going to win her battle against the assault on her health, but time and time again, she puzzled other vets by her resilience.  I believe this can be attributed in no small measure to the ongoing treatment that she received through ACU-PET Veterinary Acupuncture.  I have no doubt that the quality of my dog’s life was greatly enhanced as a result of Dr Horton’s care.  — J.L.

Thank you so very very much for the amazing care you gave Bear. It added a lot of quality of life to Bear in his final weeks. Will never forget you.– A.G.

Tess and I would like to say a huge thank you for all the kind support you gave during the past few months. Your empathy and gentle support, your brilliant acupuncture when we were able to visit the clinic, helped us both through that difficult time.–A.G.

Thank you for your kindness. I really appreciate your generosity of your time and knowledge and for everything you do to keep Ollie in good health. –N.W.

Thank you very much for your kind compassionate support towards me and Elsa over the past year, but especially during Elsa’s last week. I could not have wished for a better vet to be at Elsa’s side. Thanks for your important part in managing Elsa’s comfort and your caring support to me during this time-it is greatly appreciated. Esther, you are a special person- I am so glad we met. Our heartfelt thanks. –K.V.

Thank you for your help, knowledge and support over the past couple of years. You contributed greatly to D’Weasel’s quality of life and I will be forever thankful. –N.K.

The support you have given Logan and myself over the past two years is greatly appreciated. I couldn’t have put my beautiful boy in better hands. Thank you for your friendship and all your support.–K.H.

I appreciate your invaluable knowledge and advice and I am truly grateful for your time.–N.W.


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